When it comes to owning a home, you know there are lots of potential costs to maintain it properly. One thing to keep tabs on is the life of your water heater. If you are aware of how your system is doing, you will be prepared when it’s time for a water heater repair or replacement!
water heater mechanicsburgLet’s assume that you are maintaining your water heater properly. This means regular maintenance checks and water heater repair. Most people can expect their water heater to last them around 8-12 years.

We recommend replacing it as soon as it starts to show signs of running anyway but perfectly as you could be looking at potential leaks and significant flooding if it breaks on you unexpectedly if you will like some expert opinion prior making any renovation, consider getting help at https://www.lasvegaswaterheaterreplacement.com/.

It’s really important that you have the properly sized water heater for your home. An undersized unit will probably fail sooner since it’s being overworked,¬†the burner is more likely to go.

How do you know if you have the right size? It depends on how many people live in your home.
1-2 People = 23-36 Gallon Capacity
2-4 People = 36-46 Gallon Capacity
3-5 People = 46-56 Gallon Capacity
5+ People = 56+ Gallon Capacity

Warning signs that you should replace your unit?
– Rusty water – If you start to notice your tap water has a little color to it, the inside of the unit may be rusting. This is a sure sign that it’s time to replace it.

– Cold water – Something isn’t right if you are freezing in your shower!

– Rumbling

– Leaks

As soon as you notice any of these things, call a plumber. This is one of those home projects that we would recommend seeking the help of a professional as it can be difficult and sometimes dangerous to attempt the replacement on your own.

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One way to save money after your installation is on your utility bill. If you choose an option that is Energy Efficient, you’ll spend less down the road!

Wondering what a new water heater would approximately cost you? Make sure you head over to our Up-Front pricing page for our competitive pricing in the Harrisburg area, you’ll find all the details there.