While there are no health risks associated with the cloudy water you might be seeing, it’s not as appealing to sip a glass of murky water. There are a few reasons why you might be noticing a little cloud in your water. 

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1. Air in your Water

There could be air in your water creating little bubbles that give your glass a cloudy look. If it’s air, it should go away on its own soon. Just let the glass sit for a few minutes. There are ways to remove the water by installing an aerator on the faucet. Give us a call if you want to look into that as an option.

If the milky appearance doesn’t go away you could have a break in the line that’s letting air leak in, your water company can inspect the lines for you.


2. Mineral Particles

Your water could have mineral particles in it. If this is the case, you’ll probably notice particles at the bottom of your glass or shower/tub. Iron in your water might create the cloudiness and give it a metal taste. To fix this, we can install a whole-house sediment filter to remove particles from your water as it comes into your house.


mechanicsburg water filter3. Water Pressure

Another reason you might be experiencing this is the pressure your pipes are under. When under pressure, water holds more air than water that is not pressurized, so when the water pours out of the tap the air comes out of the water as bubbles. This again, will go away on its own if you let the glass sit out for a few minutes.




4. Bacteria in Water

Not as common, cloudy water can be caused by methane gas or bacteria in your pipes. If you’re having trouble with murky water, contact us to determine the cause.