With summer storms coming our way, it’s definitely a good idea to check out your sump pump and make sure that it’s doing its job of protecting the foundation of your house. Sump pumps should be tested regularly and it’s an easy thing to put off or even forget about- until you have flooding in your home and water damage to your foundation. A sump pump is the best defense for flooding.

sump pumpFirst, let’s talk about what exactly a sump pump does. Whenever the water table (or level) is above the foundation of your home, your sump pump turns on and sends water away from the foundation of your home. They will typically send the water to a storm drain or dry well. A sump pump has a float switch which when water hits that level, it will turn on to prevent flooding. If it isn’t working, then your house will flood. Yikes!

Ideally, you should test your sump pump every few months. It’s very simple to test your sump pump- all you do is pour water into the sump pit and wait to see if it kicks on, which it should. If you’re having trouble testing your sump pump or have any questions, give us a call, we are here to help.

You can tell you need a new sump pump if either it is not turning on, switches from on to off frequently have high noise level, or has long run times.

Your sump pump is very important to keep your basement from flooding and protecting your home’s foundation. If you need your sump pump replaced or repaired, want more details, or simply have questions, call us today at 717-591-1344.