Along with summer comes barbecues, parties, and kids at home running all over the house! All the excitement means fun, but also means your plumbing is working double-duty. One nightmare is a clogged toilet in a house full of people, so here’s some tips on how to prevent them.

First things first, with the kids being home full time, make sure to show them to use a few pieces of toilet paper. The less TP the better, and it’ll prevent clogging! Always have a plunger on hand just in case clogs do happen, but it’s always easiest to prevent them from happening in the first place. Here’s a list on what shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet, to save you from pesky clogs!

Floss can get badly tangled up in your sewer system. If it does happen to get tangled, it can create masses of clogs throughout your pipes. It’s best to throw out your floss in a trash can. Similar to floss, is hair, which will also ball up and create clogs.

No food should go down your toilet including grease, oil, and fat. These will coat the sides of your pipes, and limit how much can pass through them.

Water from our sewage systems can contaminate water supply! The filters that clean out waste are meant for waste, not medicinal chemicals. Many people don’t know that flushing down medicine or other drugs can be horrible for the environment.

Baby Wipes/Wet Wipes
Some of these wipes are labeled as “flushable”, but honestly, they are still very thick to flush down your toilet. They collect fat and waste that could potentially end in a blockage. It’s better to just throw them out after use.

Paper Towels
Paper towels take longer to break down than toilet paper, therefore, clog potential. This includes tissues as well.

Tampons, Pads, and Cotton
There’s a reason that every public restroom you go into has signs telling you not to flush feminine hygiene products. The cotton in these products are made to absorb water, and then they grow. This includes Q-tips and cotton balls.

If you do have a clog that you can’t get out, always remember that you shouldn’t try any job you aren’t comfortable with! Call a professional before doing anything you are unsure of.