water softenerBefore we jump into the benefits of having a water softening system, let’s answer the question, “what is a water softener?” A water softener is a way to remove the ions in your water that is causing it to be hard. These ions include calcium, magnesium, and other metals. The appliance removes these ions and replaces them with sodium and potassium. If you’re looking to improve the cleanliness of your water and lengthen the life of most of your appliances, a water softener might be for you.

By removing the hard metals in your water, your appliances will have a longer lifespan. This is because the minerals are what typically build up and block your pipes and fixtures. Contact Pro Plumbers to assit you and help you fix the issues you have at home and avoid leakeage.

Water softeners also improve the cleanliness of the water. You’ll notice it prevents soap films in sinks, bathtubs, and washing machines. You’ll also notice cleaner clothes and a reduction in mineral spots on your glassware. Not to mention, you’ll have smoother skin and shinier hair because softened water allows your skin and hair to produce more of its’ natural oils!

By getting a water softening service, you’ll also lower your energy costs. Your hot water heater will use approximately 25% less energy itself! Your water will also heat up quicker, soft water improves efficiency!

If you want all the benefits of softened, filtered water, or purified water the best thing to do is install a water softening, filtration system or water purification systems for the entire house. Look for a company that can sell, install and provide maintenance for the system you choose. A high-quality system can last decades, saving you money throughout its lifetime.

Consider installing your own water softener, taking into account these benefits. Call us with any questions!  717-591-1344.