Although it didn’t seem like a week ago, winter is here! With possible snow showers in the forecast, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for it.

Here’s a few things you can do:

Make sure your HVAC is ready by checking your air filters in your furnace. If you have a whole house humidifier, make sure you don’t need to replace the evaporator pad.

Double check your fans and make sure they are switched to reverse (clockwise position) which will blow warm air down to the floor for better energy efficiency. Check ducts in your attic, basement and crawl spaces and plug any leaks you may prepare for winter

Moving to the outside of your house, check for missing or damaged shingles and replace as necessary to void any leaks. Check gutters and downspouts, ensuring they are fastened properly. Snow and ice can get heavy, we don’t want the gutters pulling off of the house. Clean away all leaves and debris from drains, gutters and vent openings.

Double check all weatherstripping for both windows and doors. This will prevent heat loss. Check for any drafts you may feel from openings, add insulation or caulking when necessary.

Double check that you’re all stocked up on bread, milk and hot chocolate.

Still not sure you’re prepared? A great way to ensure you are is signing up for a Service Agreement. To find out more, call our office 717-591-1344.

Investing in a generator might be a good idea as well, read more here!