Central Penn Plumbing Service, Inc. has a full staff of trained and experienced plumbers to tackle any job! Serving the Mechanicsburg area for more than 15 years, Scott Campbell and his team are dedicated to providing customers with the friendliest, quickest and most reasonably priced plumbing services. 


Residential/Commercial New Construction

No job is too big or too small for us, we have the best plumber professioanls! Our trained staff will work with any construction company or builder to complete any job from the beginning to end, we even offer the best well pump repair services for any commercial or residential construction!


Water Softening

There are plenty of reasons to consider a softener for your water system. Your hard water might be noticeable on your dishes and bathroom/kitchen fixtures. You also may notice your skin and hair may feel dry. Hard water spots are hard to clean and always come back. Central Penn Plumbing Service, Inc. will work with you to choose and install the system that works best for you.


Water Heaters

We offer the best water heater for your personal needs. Call us to discuss which option is best for you. You can view our pricing on our Up From Pricing Page.

Want to protect your investment and make sure your water heater doesn’t give you issues? Call us to learn more information about a Preventative Maintenance Contract today!

This program will keep your home’s equipment working more efficiently and for longer. Get ahead of the problems before they cause you and your family headaches.

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