Oil Boilers

If your home isn’t connected to a natural gas line, you may want to consider oil boilers as a way to heat your water. If you are using an oil boiler, remember that fuel must be delivered into your oil reserve tank, which is normally found in your basement. You can use recycled oil or bio-diesel fuel as well. A few benefits of oil boilers are how quickly it heats and how effective it can be during power outages. Some Oil Boilers are able to be installed outdoors, which is a benefit for those with smaller basements.

They operate very similar to other boilers. The burner (oil) is burned and passes heat to the heat exchanger, which warms the water in the pipes. This water makes its way through your home to heat radiators and water. You will also need a circulation pump to complete this process.

Is An Oil Boiler Right For Me?

When considering this type of heating system for your home, make sure you look at all the facts. Sometimes, the oil can be costly, depending on location and availability. If your area is running low on oil and the demand is high, you may be temporarily out. Your home must have an external vent or chimney to let the gas out of your home. Remember that the storage spaces of your oil boiler may also take up space in your home!

Some notable features of the new Oil Boilers include:
State of the art control board
Cascade Capable
Available for either natural gas or LP gas
Variety of sizes
ENERGY STAR approved

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