clean dryerRoughly 15,000 fires a year are caused by dryers. That’s why you should take cleaning your dryer seriously, so you don’t end up being one of those 15,000 unlucky people. Taking good care of your appliances through regular appliance repair and maintenance really pays off, whether they last longer or even just give you quicker results. Your dryer is one of those appliances where routine maintenance is essential. Hence, for dryer repair services check Pittsburgh Appliance

You should get your dryer vents professionally cleaned about once a year. If you have a bigger family or use your dryer often, it’s possible that you should get it cleaned roughly three times a year. You also have to factor in how large your vent is. The smaller the vent, the more you should get your dryer vents professionally cleaned. If you have a larger vent, you should still get it cleaned yearly by a professional. This is because there’s less room for air to escape your dryer, especially if there’s lint and debris clogging your vent! Your dryer can work way harder than it should if too much lint is clogging it, causing it to eventually burn out.

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If you notice anything unfamiliar happening with your dryer, it may need a professional clean sooner than expected. Signs it may need a clean could be your clothes are taking longer to dry, your dryer itself is hotter than it usually is, or if there’s extra lint around the vent or the back of the dryer.

You should get your dryer professionally cleaned because it prevents fires, your appliance will last longer, your clothes will dry quicker, and it will run more efficient, saving you money!

Always remember to call a professional if you’re unsure of anything.

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