Have you noticed you can’t take a shower while running the dishwasher because of your water pressure being too low? Or you haven’t been able to run laundry while watering your lawn? Low water pressure affects not only your shower but other appliances and conveniences in life. This could be happening to you for various reasons, and luckily, most of them are fixable issues!

Sediment Build-Up
Low water pressure is more common in older homes. With this being said, over time your pipes build up sediment and mineral deposits that could be blocking water flow. Typically, the sediment build up is on the aerator, so the first thing you should try is cleaning the aerator by soaking it in vinegar. Any flow restriction can cause low water pressure, so keep that in mind! If you believe it is your drain pipes that are clogged, visit our blog post on how to unclog your drain HERE .


water softenersClogged Shower Head
Maybe, you’ve noticed that the pressure just isn’t good in your shower, but okay everywhere else. This could simply be your shower head needs to be cleaned! To clean, soak the parts in vinegar for at least a few hours so it can dissolve those sediment deposits. If they still aren’t going away, you can take a toothbrush, toothpick, etc, and scrub or pick off the minerals. This should do the trick!


Partially Closed Supply Valve
One of your supply stop valves could be half closed, blocking water flow. If you go out to your water meter, there is a water shutoff valve, that is usually located right next to the meter. If you see that the valve is partially closed, opening the valves completely should help solve your problem!

If none of these common issues and solutions worked, and your water pressure hasn’t improved, be sure to call a professional. An option for you could be investing in a water pressure regulator, which will save your pipes from being damaged from bad water pressure while regulating its’ flow. Also, if all of your neighbors are having the same water pressure problems, there may not be much you can do because it could just be your water supplier.

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