Low water pressure

So you have a Low Water Pressure Problem…

Picture this: You hop in the shower, turn on the water and are greeted with a slow trickle of water instead of the steady stream of hot water you usually have.  Other than a bad start to your day, this is also a sign that you may have a Low Water Pressure problem.


Some other indicators of a Low Water Pressure problem include: 

-Your washing machine takes longer to fill up
-Your faucets slow down to a trickle
-Your dishwasher is taking longer to complete a cycle 

What Now?
Once you’ve determined your water pressure is lower than usual, it’s time to find the source of the problem.  In an ideal world, there would be one easy answer, however, your Low Water Pressure could be the result of any of the following:  

-Valve Issues
-Clogged Pipes
-Pressure Regulator
-Corroded Plumbing
-Water Heaters
-Well Water Pressure
-Water Leaks
-Mineral deposits 

With so many possible causes, it’s best to leave a complex job like this one to professionals.  The work may be too strenuous or even dangerous for those who have not been professionally trained. 

Luckily, Central Penn Plumbing will work quickly and effectively to diagnose and resolve your Low Water Pressure problem. 

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