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Central Penn Plumbing Services, Inc. covers all HVAC needs. Anything from emergency service calls, new AC installation or heater repair, we are here for you! Our staff of trained and experienced servicemen are ready for your call. Building a new home? Ready for an upgrade? Visit controltechsnw.com/service-areas/oregon-city/ for more information. We are the latest technology to make comfort living in your home the easiest decision you will make, we are the best heating and air conditioning business out there!

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is recommended every seven to 10 years. Are you looking to get the maximum efficiency out of your HVAC System and increase your air quality? Call our friends at Ductz to achieve just that!

Media Filters

Choosing to use 5 inch media filters rather than 1 inch will greatly improve your air quality. The larger the filter the more dust and debris will be caught, this will help keep your duct work and whole HVAC system cleaner. Follow this Original link to get all the details.

Reme Halo UV Light

Reme Halo “the next generation of indoor air quality”. This leading edge UV light reduces odors, particulate, smoke and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). This Model is featured with new zinc ions that will kill 99% of viruses on surfaces.

Struggling with excess humidity? Let us help you with our recommended line of Aprilaire whole house dehumidifiers. Check out this link for more details from Aprilaire or contact us today and we can help determine which model would work best for you.

More On Dehumidifiers

We offer the best humidifiers that will accommodate your personal needs and keep you comfortable. During the winter months are you noticing a lot of static electricity, dry skin, or constantly feeling lethargic or tired? Those are a few reasons why you may want to consider having a humidifier installed in your home.

More On Humidifiers


We offer installation on top of the line zoning systems. There are a lot of variables that come into considering how and why a zone system will benefit you. Zoning can save you energy, money, and keep you comfortable at all times and on different levels of your home. Contact us for more details and to learn about different zoning options.

Zoning for HVAC HVAC zoning









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Ductless Mini Splits
We install and service Fujitsu ductless mini splits. Most applicable for sunrooms, and additions. Ideal for homes without existing duct work. Contact us for more details or to set up an estimate.

Wi-Fi Compatible Thermostats
Are you tech savvy, and interested in saving on energy cost? You may be interested in one of our wifi compatible thermostats. Control the comfort of your home from almost any smart/ wifi device. Contact us to discuss different brands and options.


How often should you have your dryer vents cleaned by a professional?

Roughly 15,000 fires a year are caused by dryers. That’s why you should take cleaning your dryer seriously, so you don’t end up being one of those 15,000 unlucky people. Taking good care of your appliances through regular appliance repair and maintenance really pays...

Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Preventative Maintenance on you Heating and Cooling System Helps to prevent costly repairs: Having your system serviced regularly will help find any underlying issues so they can be addressed before they become a serious problem....

Is your Heating System Ready for Winter?

Wait, what? You want me to start thinking about my house’s heating system already? Yes, we do! The sooner you start thinking about staying cozy this winter, the better off you’ll be! This is the time to get in touch with a heating oil delivery service to ensure you...

Humidity on HVAC

Humidity on HVAC It's a muggy, humid day here in Central PA. Not only can this type of weather take its toll on your hair but, did you know that the humidity can have an impact on how your HVAC system runs? Since it's 80+ degrees in Mechanicsburg, we are going to...

Tips for Starting your Air Conditioner this Spring

After a long and cold winter it's crazy to even dream about using an air conditioner. We want to soak up as much warmth as we can these next few months. But once the temperatures start to raise we may want to reach for the thermostat after all. When you do, here's...

Residential/Commercial New Construction
No job is too big or too small for us! Our trained staff will work with any construction company or builder to complete any job.

We also offer a Preventative Maintenance Contract that will ensure your system is always operating at 100%.

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