If your drains keep getting clogged it is time to do a Septic Tank Emptying. Harsh chemicals may be easy to just pour and clear your drain but are a risk to your pipes and your health. Luckily, we offer the best septic tank services in town. 

Simply cover your drain with the plunger and start plunging! You want to do this in small and short increments, for the best results. Do this until it breaks up the gunk. If you have a double-bowl sink, make sure you cover the opposite drain with a wet cloth, so plunging the sink is more effective.

Boiling Water:
It doesn’t get easier than this. Boil up some water in a kettle, and pour it down the clogged drain in a few increments. Usually, all it takes is some hot water to break down the gunk inside your drain.

Wire Hanger:
According to Gillies Group, you can grab a hanger out of your closet and straighten it completely, for another easy option. Once it’s straight, take one end and bend it into a hook shape. Stick the hanger down your drain until you feel resistance, then try to get as much stuff out as you can. This should be a pretty efficient option, but if it’s not enough, try the next option, a drain snake.

Drain Snake:
This is similar to the wire hanger idea, only on another level. These snakes, made for unclogging drains, are easy to use, following these steps. Things can go wrong, so if you’ve never done it before, we recommend calling a professional. We’ve heard from clients who got the wrong type of snake for the job and did more harm than good on their plumbing. Clients have damaged their pipes, scratched their toilets up and even injured themselves! So, if the first few steps don’t work.. reach out to the professionals. 

Don’t resort to harmful chemicals when you don’t have to. These simple tips on unclogging your drain can prevent illnesses, help your pipes last longer, and get the job done!