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Welcome to the Customer Center for Central Penn Plumbing Service, Inc. Here you’ll find resources you need to stay informed and make the right decisions for your home. If you have any other question you can call or email us.¬†You’ll also find coupons to save you money on a variety of services and maintenance plans. Check back often, we’re always changing and adding more.

We know home improvements aren’t always in the budget, so we created our coupon page to make it a little more bearable. Check our coupon page often for sales on heating, cooling, plumbing repair and more! We are always updating it with local sales, so check often.

Owning or renting a home can be stressful! What happens if your pipes burst? Why wont your garbage disposal work? Why isn’t the heat working?! The list goes on and on. As you favorite local plumbing and HVAC specialist, we love making the process a little less stressful. We are always adding blogs filled with advice, so check often! Make sure you like us on Facebook to see all of our new posts.

Along with our coupons, we offer a list of ways to save money when owning your own home. No matter where you live, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Dillsburg or beyond.. the money saving tips are the same!

At Central Penn Plumbing Services, Inc. we like to let our work speak for it’s self, but we understand you may want to read from other customers. Check out our testimonials and see why everyone in the Harrisburg area calls Central Penn Plumbing for their heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing needs.