Control Allergies with HVAC Care

This time of year is refreshing, like a clean slate as the seasons change. Birds are chirping, kids are playing, and you’re… sneezing. Yes, allergies have a way of ruining an otherwise beautiful time of year.  Here’s a few things you may not have considered as a culprit to your itchy eyes.

HVAC systemKeep Humidity at Bay – By getting rid of excess moisture in your home, you prevent the spread of mold and dust mites. Your house should be around 40%. Make sure you’re checking the whole house, not just one room. We work with Aprilaire whole house dehumidifiers to help bring down excess humidity.

Clean your Filters – Keeping your air conditioning filters clean can make a big difference. Indoor air pollution can sometimes be even higher than outdoor.  You should be changing your air filters monthly.  Maybe it’s time to consider a high-efficiency particulate air filter. (HEPA).

Have your ducts cleaned as needed, sometimes dirt, dust and mold hid within your system and may trigger your allergies.

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Regular maintenance will also help to make sure things are running smoothly. If you have an old system, maybe you should look into replacing with something new!