Plumbing DrainWhether we like to admit it or not, summer is coming to an end. The trees are about to turn rich shades of red, orange, and yellow, and soon the leaves will start falling. Commonly, fall is when you should prepare your plumbing system for winter, and when problems may occur because of the change in temperature. Fortunately, any issues that could occur can be as simple as leaves clogging your drain! If something seems off with your drainage or plumbing system, it’s definitely worth checking out. Here are some clues that could let you know whether your drain is clogged or not:

Signs your Drain is Clogged

  • Your toilet, shower, or sink is draining slowly. If only one of these is draining slowly it might just be that you have a clogged drain, but if everything is draining slow, then it’s most likely coming from your sewer drain. This means you might possibly need to get emergency sewer pumping services to fix the problem, or even need a toilet replacement.
  • A foul smell is coming from your water.
  • A sound such as rattling, gurgling, or any movement that’s unusual.

If you are concerned that a blocked drain could be the complication, it is better to clean out the clog earlier than later. If you wait until the snow starts to fall, it will be too late, so make sure your drain is clear before the temperature really begins to drop. According to a plumbing contractor, it’s important to tend to this problem because water can quickly get backed up in your system, which will lead to water in your ceilings and foundation. Here is how to clear out blockage from your drain:

How to Clear your Drain

  1. Wear gloves for protection.
  2. Rake or shovel out leaves blocking the drain. You can place all the leaves and blockage in a trash bag.
  3. Keep checking on the drain to make sure more leaves don’t clog it! Since different trees’ leaves fall at different times, you don’t want to miss some late fallers!

If you find that you’re still having continuing problems with your drain clogging, give us a call as you may need septic system pumping services, we offer the best drain jetting services! A professional can fit your drain to a drain cover. You should not do this yourself because each drain needs a specific fit and kind of cover.

Always remember that you shouldn’t try any job you aren’t comfortable with! Call us before doing anything you are unsure of, we’ll be happy to offer the best high pressure jetting services.