We use our water in our homes every single day, whether running the laundry, doing dishes, or showering. In fact, the average household uses 80+ gallons of water a day. The water from your tap might not be as clean as you’d think. It’s easy for water to become contaminated before entering your pipes and coming out of the sink, washer, or whatever you’re using. By installing your own water filtration system, you’re ensuring your water is clean, and it comes with more conveniences than that!

home water filtration system

Clean Drinking Water
Water is essential to every human being, and with your own water system, that water will be healthy, safe, and clean. Water carries a wide variety of things most people don’t know about, such as bacteria, parasites, arsenic, barium, pesticides, calcium, magnesium, and much more. You can eliminate the fear of these contaminants in your water, without a worry, by installing your own water system. Your drinking water will also improve in taste. Any troublesome smells or tastes will be removed and your water will be pure.

Cost efficient
If you drink water bottles, this is definitely a cost saver. Doing the math, by investing in your own water system and not purchasing water bottles, you’d start saving after an average of 6 months.

Reduce disease risk
Waterborne diseases are caused by unclean water, and many people still drink unpurified water to this day. You can reduce the risk greatly of any gastrointestinal illnesses with clean water. Parasites exist in water and can be filtered by water systems.

Extended Life
Extended life means fewer repair bills. Having cleaner water is easier on your appliances. There’s no harsh chemicals and bacteria going near your machines and equipment, so there’s less of a chance of them getting dirty and working less efficiently. Not only your appliances will thank you, but your pipes will too.

Healthier Showerssink in mechanicsburg
Just by simply minimizing the chemicals in your water, your skin and hair will be healthier and happier. Chemicals in water can clog pores, cause allergies or rashes, and dry out your skin. Cleaner water will benefit you and promote health. Another advantage of having your own water filtration system is you will save money on soaps. Yes, this includes shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, and more. Because of the contaminants inside un-pure water, it takes more soap to clean, therefore you end up buying more soap. Water without impurities does the trick, with less soap.

Environment Friendly
There are a countless number of plastic water bottles that don’t get recycled, and it fills our land dumps. Just by drinking your own purified water, you can help the environment, even if it’s just by a few water bottles a day.

Consider installing your at home water filtration system, taking into account these benefits. Call us with any questions!