Plumber MechanicsburgWe have all seen it happen at one time or another, the shower’s water level seems to be getting higher rather than lower. The sink won’t go down even with the garbage disposal running.

What are we doing wrong that causes this madness?!

Hair seems to be the biggest issue when it comes to shower drains.
– Try buying a drain-grate to cover the opening and minimize the hair that makes it’s way down your pipes
– If you notice the water flowing more slowly than normal, try dumping boiling water down your drain to loosen up hair and soap scum that might have built up

Sink drains are prone to clogging as well, try cutting back on these things to keep the water flowing. 
– Cooking grease shouldn’t go down the drain. Try storing it in an old jar or can then toss it in the trash
– Coffee grounds are a big no-no when it comes to sink disposal, toss these in the trash as well
– Get in the habit of running hot water after each use, this will keep food and oils running smoothly down the pipes
– Use Baking Soda or Vinegar in the drain followed by hot water – both are great cleaning agents

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