Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Preventative Maintenance on you Heating and Cooling System

  • Helps to prevent costly repairs: Having your system serviced regularly will help find any underlying issues so they can be addressed before they become a serious problem. Service contracts can help you reducing your heating and cooling costs¬†over time.
  • Prolong the lifespan of your system: Servicing your HVAC system will extend the life of your unit, which can save you thousands of dollars in premature system failure. Just like going to the doctor, or taking your car to get serviced- we do these things to be proactive and preventative. Having your heating system fail on the coldest day of the year or your A/C on the hottest day will be equivalent to your car not starting the morning of an important appointment.
  • Energy efficiency: As the design of newer HVAC systems become more energy efficient in themselves, they still need to be serviced to run at their peak performance. When you look at the benefits of having your HVAC system serviced there are more ways than one that will save you money, but most noticeably on your monthly electric bills!
  • Contract discounts: When you sign up for a preventative maintenance contract you will get 10% off parts and labor throughout your contract year, whether it’s a service call or if we find an issue while on site completing the service. Let us help you save time, money, and energy!
  • Keep your equipment warranty valid: Some manufacturers require your Portable Construction Heaters to be serviced regularly, otherwise, you risk voiding your warranty. Your HVAC equipment warranty plays a big part in the first 5-10 years from installation. Spend a little on a maintenance contract and you are guaranteed to save a lot in the long run.