After a long and cold winter it’s crazy to even dream about using an air conditioner. We want to soak up as much warmth as we can these next few months.. but once the temperatures start to raise we may want to reach for the thermostat after all. When you do, here’s four tips to remember for the first time you turn it on.

Air Conditioner Tips For SpringDuct

1. Contact an air conditioning services company and have your cooling system serviced before the summer months hit. This  increase its efficiency by having it cleaned and checked regularly.

2. Don’t make big thermostat adjustments, it can take as long as 18 hours to cool a house down if the AC was turned off for a day.

3. If your system is old, consider a residential ac repair or replacement to avoid a last-minute emergency during the hottest summer months.

4. Set the fan on your system to “on” instead of “auto”… this circulates air continuously, keeping the temperature even throughout the house.

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