5 Ways to Go Green at Home

1. Swap Household Cleaners
One way to go green at home is to switch to all natural cleaners. This will reduce air pollution inside and out. it will also cut down on chemicals that can be bad for your health. Make sure you read the labels and look for plant based ingredients

Financing for Plumbing Services2. Upgrade your Insulation
This will prevent leaky ducts, windows, walls and doors from letting cool air or heat out. Something as small as thermal shades to block the summer sun and keep the house cool, and retain heat in the winter can make a big difference.

3. Get Leaky Faucets Repaired
Not only do they sound annoying as they drip, but a leaky faucet can waste more thank 3,000 gallons of water per year. That’s the amount of water we use to take more than 180 showers!

4. Keep Recycling Bins in a Convenient Location
Make sure they always have the option to recycle so people don’t accidentally throw a plastic bottle in the trash! Make it easy and the whole family will follow. Try to use reusable water bottles when you can, as well!

5. Don’t use Electricity if you don’t have to
Turn off computers when they aren’t in use, even energy saving mode uses energy! Keeps lights off when you’re not home or not using them.. opening blinds during the day can save a lot of energy rather than a light! Hang clothes to dry if you are able rather than using a dryer.